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We provide worldwide bodyguard services, armed and unarmed bodyguards to protect our clients, their families, their employees, real estate and others who require a vigilant and experienced security presence. We are an elite Croatian security company made of former members of the special forces and SWAT teams from Croatia and worldwide. Our teams have gained experience working for the Croatian Government on the most complex and most demanding security tasks, such as visits of many president’s prime ministers and other government officials and publicly exposed people from the entertainment and business world.

The Antropoti offer a Security service that is based on complete client satisfaction for your business or family profile. Our professional bodyguards are accustomed to working with high profile individuals and high net worth families from an individual close protection operative, to a close protection team. Characteristics of the employees of this company are the knowledge with many years of experience in all environments and readiness on all kinds of possible security threats. The combination of these factors is the main reason why we are at the top security company’s.

Our employees with their impeccable physical and mental readiness continually prove to each task with the highest level of expertise to demonstrate protection to the highest quality standards. Possessing numerous international awards and certificates, some of them are themselves instructors and specialist who are holding courses around the world. They passed the most rigorous verification and security clearances.

We are the leader of the security and bodyguard services industry in Croatia.

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Our Vision

To be the top ten company in the world.

Our Mission

To protect the people and properties from the violence. Your values, money assets and private will stay safe.

Our Goals

Everything we do is inspired by our mission, values, and vision. WORK HARD; FEEL SAFE.
So developing strategic objectives.

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We provide a Security services you can depend on


Celebrities Protection, Executive protection, Close protection, Bodyguards in Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Serbia, Albania, Greece, FranceMonaco, UK Turkey, DubaiAbu Dhabi, India and worldwide. We provide worldwide protection services and consultancy, Close Protection training, the best security equipment and high-end vehicles, helicopters, yachts, accommodation and all type of services according to your wishes and needs. Our services are highly appreciated by royal families, politicians, celebrities, NGO’s, multinational companies and individuals.



VIP Security & Close Protection (Personal Bodyguard)
VIP Protection For Celebrities 
VIP Protection For Government Ministers
Bodyguard Services For Sporting Icons
Security Chauffeur & VIP Drivers
Airport Collection Service
Protection Under Transport
Event Security
Bodyguard Services For Weddings
Bodyguard Services For Business Meetings
Bodyguard Services For Religious Leaders
Kids & Family Personal Security / Family Protection At Home And While Traveling
Executive Bodyguards Services
Residential Security & Asset Protection
Escort Teams
Shadow Protection (Low Profile)
Anti-Terrorist Group
Personal Medical Officers
Counter Threat Group (CTG)
Kidnap Ransom & Extortion Response
Group For Resolving Hostage Situations
On-Site Security
Maritime Security (Yachts, Boats)
International Executive Protection
Planning And Organization Close Protection At The Highest Level
Security Consultancy
Special Projects
Training & Courses (Close Protection Training/Bodyguard Courses
Executive Protection, Personal and Close Protection – Civil Protection Officer (CPO) courses)

  • Hostile Environment and Live Fire Training
  • Bespoke Specialist Security Related CPD Training
  • Security Business Consultancy
  • Threat Assessment & Risk Management
  • All
  • Africa
  • America
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • The Middle East

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At Antropoti we provide an exclusive private service for our most selected clients. That is why we make ourselves available 24/7 concierge services to organize your perfect date, business, trip or party, we always guarantee qualified security professionals for a unique experience that not only meets but exceeds all of your expectations. From private business, MICE, vacation, luxury events and tours, executive transportation, VIP coach hire and VIP drivers to Airport VIP meet and greet services, helicopter transfers, aircraft charter and luxury yacht cruises.

Profile Security

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  • Low Profile Securitypackage
  • €at requestper day
  • Unarmed PSEs (Professional Security Escorts and non-armored vehicles)

    *According to the client profile and the laws of the country in which we protect, we offer the best.

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  • Medium Profile SecurityPackage
  • €at requestper day
  • Unarmed/Armed PSEs (Professional Security Escorts and non-armored vehicles)

    * Subject to country rules & regulations on arms bearing
    According to the client profile and the laws of the country in which we protect, we offer the best.

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  • High Profile SecurityPackage
  • €at requestper day
  • Fully armed PSEs with fully armored vehicles with onboard surveillance systems and police escorts

    * Subject to country rules & regulations on arms bearing
    According to the client profile and the laws of the country in which we protect, we offer the best.

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